Will McInnes and The Radically Democratic Company

I met Will McInnes online, and not too long afterward he invited me to speak at the Meaning 2012 conference in Brighton, south of London, where his consultancy, NixonMcInnes, is based. The conference was truly inspiring, and it gave me a chance to get to know Will, and now, to get some of our conversation on paper.

About Will McInnes

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Stowe Boyd: NixonMcInnes is known as one of the world’s most radically democratic companies. What does radically democratic mean? Does that include the ideas of radical transparency and openness within the company? I would like you to expand on that idea because I bet that only a few people know about your firm or what the democratic workplace is.


My biggest takeaway from Will’s experience in a wide-open democratic workplace is the increase in individual responsibility and the changing role of leadership. And Will’s optimism about the coupling of new science in human motivation, happiness, and social networks gives me additional hope and inspiration.

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Founder, Work Futures. Editor, GigaOm. My obsession is the ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.

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