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The “State of Jersey” was founded in 2376, shortly after the fall of the United States. It was originally a democracy, supposedly in a total war dictatorship due to the apocalypse occurring in North America at the time. From the mid-2500’s to the late-2600’s (the exact dates are not known due to the poor records given by Jersey itself), Jersey was a member state of the Atlantic Union, but broke away under conservative rebels. As time went on, Jersey (haven had their northern lands taken away from them) slowly grew more autocratic. After the full-on rebellion of “Autonomous Zone #1” (now Rehabilitation Zone 1), Jersey was forced to use banned technology to keep its people in line. Mind wiping technology was used to delete the rebels of their human instincts, dumping the empty shells in Luddite Reserves.

Throughout the 2900’s, Jerseyians were allowed to visit these reserves for entertainment, to watch the humans behaving like animals. As the fourth millennium rolled around, Jersey began to implement a system of laws to keep rebellions from occurring. They joined the Strength in Technology Pact (a union of states arguably more corrupt than Jersey is), promising them strength against their many, much more powerful, democratic neighbors. Towns were built for the upper class, while the proles were neglected. The lower class systematically had their consciousness removed, being mentally conditioned from birth to accept the government. Those who were resistant were either put in interment camps (along with Italians and Blacks), or had their minds wiped and were stuck in the Luddite Reserves.

The government itself became heavily robotized, with the humans themselves being programmed to follow a set list of rules. Progress and change was not allowed, and the few new technologies adopted were used to punish the dissidents. By 3400, Jersey had removed any sign of rebellion from inside the nation, and they used their technology on the few tourists who decided to enter the country. This map, put out in 3500, was intercepted by Wajeruian troops stationed in New York. This propaganda map, showing Jersey as a mighty power and leader of their STP, is quite false. They do not show the sheer strength and power of New York, and create the existence of mythical Delmarva (which is a member state of the New United States, not even shown on the map). While the Strength in Technology Pact is arguably the “enemy” of today’s world, it’s important to see why these autocratic nations have so much internal support.

- National Geographic, 3500 A.D.

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