The Future of Marketing: What, yet another damn revolution?

And what-yet-another-damn disruptive wave appears

[This was drafted for a Wall Street Journal editorial calendar request, but I never heard back, so I’m publishing here. It reads like the blurb for a talk: one that I would love to give, by the way.]

Marketing’s undergoing what-yet-another-damn revolution as internet/digital/social/mobile (i/d/s/m) dissolves old media, and what-yet-another-damn disruptive wave appears.

McLuhan said new media consume the old: repurposing it as content and nostalgia. Old-style bits become what is talked about, while the talk itself forms and informs the new, dissolving, immersive media.

Old media’s top-down, one-to-many modality has been subsumed by i/d/s/m, now gene-spliced into people’s lives. People no longer experience media, it’s in our mitochondria.

Marketing’s way past old-school, postmodern crafting of messages, telling stories, or making promises: poking the anthill with a stick is over. And we’re already rejecting the social-era skingraft onto old marketing of communities and many-to-many communication. Over.

AI and algorithms will remake today’s media — what, again? — into a postnormal garbage landslide. Operating more like instinct than memory, zero-to-many driverless marketing will swarm invisibly, and listen more than talk.

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Alexa, put toothpaste on the shopping list.

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Founder, Work Futures. Editor, GigaOm. My obsession is the ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.

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