Ten of the most popular posts on Work Futures

Here’s a sampler of some posts that have gained the most attention on workfutures.io.

Millennials and the leadership gap

True leadership is the central challenge of our millennial age.

The Promise — and Curse — of Open Offices

The metaphor of breaking down walls between workers may be more than a metaphor. Maybe.

The Rise of Algorithmic HR

Why companies are turning to data-driven AI for hiring

The Rise of Work Chat Anti-Hype

Work chat is good for quick-and-dirty, once-in-awhile discussions, and for team building, but the costs are considerable, since work chat is tiring, obsessive, interruptive, and leads to focusing people’s attention on the near-term, while fracturing our concentration on what’s really important.

A Manifesto For A New Way Of Work

We need a revolution in our thinking about business, and how we organize ourselves to accomplish work, as individuals, networks, and businesses

The Benefits of Idleness

It’s time to move past the stigma attached to laziness, to wool-gathering and staring out the window.

The Trouble with Nowhere

No one wants to move to the future today. We are avoiding it. — Kevin Kelly

Esko Kilpi on the Architecture of Work

It is not the corporation that is in the center, but the intentions and choices of individuals. — Esko Kilpi

Today’s business organization is an oligarchy, and that needs to change

We need to move to hyperdemocratic cooperative work, and drop oligarchic management.

Creativity in Teams: The Truth Hurts

Various social effects dampen creativity, while individuals are free of at least some of those effects

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Work ecologist. Founder, Work Futures. The ecology of work and the anthropology of the future.

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