Simone Cicero writes at some length about how the coronavirus crisis will change the shape and systems of work in The Paradoxes of Organising in a fast-changing world: Markets & Networks:

The current pandemic will change the world in unprecedented ways, as historian Sean Munger eminently explains in this short video. Its global reach and the profound changes in the rules of economics, governance and more means there’s no going back, just faster forward. Industries and supply chains are going to change permanently and we’ll see knock-on effects on several markets like travel, real estate and even insurance as people change their work and living habits.

The situation triggers both deep anxiety and some degree of excitement when thinking about the effect that such changes in habits — or even more profoundly the awareness that massive instantaneous change is technically possible — may have on our chances to address the climate emergency and other imminent threats to humanity.

All our podcast guests of this first round — namely James Currier, Arthur Brock, Tomas Diez, John Robb, Ana Andjelic, Michel Bauwens, Bill Fischer and Stowe Boyd — had extremely valuable takes on how the pandemic changes the landscape of organising and governance, revealing some of the sweet, and blind, spots of our emerging institutional landscape.

Below we’re trying to capture some key lines of thought on how this translates into changes in our perception of value. We explore the interplay between global and local, between brands, companies and their ecosystem, the governance of the chaotic transition, and much, much more.

Simone and Boundaryless will be rolling out the podcasts over the coming weeks. I know I will be listening.

Work ecologist. Founder, Work Futures. The ecology of work and the anthropology of the future.

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