Patreon Backs Out of Fee Structure Changes, But I’m Leaving Anyway

I’m moving to Steady because their paywall integrates with Tumblr, which can’t be done on Medium, note

Patreon has backed out of proposed changes in the company’s model for fees, as user backlash grew. The apologetic tone of the post by CEO Jack ConteWe messed up. We’re sorry, and we’re not rolling out the fees change. — was a shift from the lecturing tone of earlier posts.

The controversy around the fee change spurred me to look at alternatives for Work Futures, which is how I came across Steady, but I have moved ahead with adopting Steady for other reasons. In fact, Steady’s takes 10% plus processing fees, more than Patreon’s fees. However, Steady allows me to integrate a paywall right on my Tumblr blog, where I have written over 11 thousand posts, and where I start with more than 160,000 followers. Not to mention that I can use the Tumblr editor and other features that I have relied on for years, instead of the annoyingly primitive system at Patreon.

I plan an in-depth description of how it all works. Apparently, I am the first Steady user to try a Tumblr integration. But it seems to be working pretty well.

Go check it out. Here’s today’s Work Futures Daily post on

More to follow.


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