Getting ready for the new year, and here’s my current tools and plans for their application in my workflow. Questions welcomed.

  1. Bookmarking via — I’m back to after trying all manner of other things. Minimal, works everywhere, good search.
  2. Personal blogging on Tumblr — I’m consolidating things that used to be on to, along with daily scrapbook style information. It will be messier than in the future: more fermentation, and less product. So, as one litmus test: I will be posting poetry on, which used to be sequestered on
  3. Professional blogging — Gigaom (Wordpress) and Medium. Still don’t know exactly how to balance the two, except the obvious: Gigaom pays the bills, and Medium ( is aspirational. I think I will start writing chapters of a book on Medium, and I will repost anything of a finished nature on Medium from
  4. Tasks via Sortd — Sortd is a chrome skin for Gmail that provides a tightly integrated task management layer in situ. So many of my tasks begin and end with email, so that makes this very attractive. I am using three major kanban cards: today, soon, later, and someday. I am also continuing the 1,2,3 technique for daily planning (a slimming of the Laterbox 1,3,5 technique). I will write this up later today, so I can move ahead.
  5. Journaling via Day One — I need to plot and plan, observe and reflect. Trying for at least two posts per day, morning and night, as well as notes on calls, meetings, travels, etc. :* morning = accompanying my planning of the day’s activities on Sortd *evening = consolidation of thoughts, observations, etc.
  6. Habits via Momentum — Activities that I am trying to manage in parallel with work — like daily exercise — I am monitoring with Momentum. I haven’t gotten all IoT about it — I’m not step counting, for example — but I do want to remind myself to get up from the desk and go walking a few times a day.
  7. Swipes and Slack — Swipes is a very well-designed task management solution, and I’ve taken a cursory look at their integration with Slack. That is something I will be investigating as a team chat and task management solution. More to follow. At present, Gigaom is very much an email-centric organization, because we are all edge and almost no center. More to follow on that.

Gigaom is the major scene of my work these days, but at ‘the still center of the turning world’ is my own work — researching, writing, communicating, questioning — and getting that right is the primary criterion for tools. So, in this area (as for so many others), ‘me first’ is the right approach.

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Founder, Work Futures. Editor, GigaOm. My obsession is the ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.

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