Medium Search Is Inadequate

They only index titles and subtitles.

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So I recently wanted to find something I had posted on Medium which including the line ‘headphones are the new wall’ in the copy. I tried Medium search and got zilch.

However, a Google search — ‘headphones are the new wall’ — found the story:

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I asked Medium support about this and got a response:

Hi Stowe,

Thanks for writing in.

Unlike Google, Medium only indexes the title and subtitle of published stories. If the phrase is central to your story and you’d like it to come up in Medium search results for that phrase, you would need to ensure that it appears in the story’s display title or subtitle.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

[name withheld since I didn’t ask]
User Services

That’s just a bad design.

At any rate, Google search works.

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