Inbox Awesome: 9 Nov 2017

I’m planning to be blogging from the upcoming Inbox Awesome, 9 November 2017 in Brooklyn. The organizers shared these details with me:

Why Inbox Awesome?

It all started as a startup meetup in 2013, gathering leaders from NYC’s tech scene reinventing the inbox in all flavors — feeds, workflows, messaging, email. Since then, Inbox Awesome has diversified and grown into a conference. We still keep it boutique and create the kind of event we would like to attend ourselves, with 200+ people, 1 room, 1 stage, 1 day. No fear of missing out! We also completely reinvent the content every year by reaching out to the community and asking who and what are the cutting edge topics they want to see on stage. We also take a lot of pride in gender balance. It’s a heck of work for a small team, but it’s so worth it! Altogether, we really try to live up to the name and make your inbox more awesome — through the latest hacks, tools, designs and experts.

What makes it unique?

First of all, there is no other email and messaging conference in New York. Second, there are few events around this topic overall that are innovative, cutting edge and diverse. We try to open the spectrum to topics such as voice as a platform, chats and collaboration, hacking and leaks, and even political campaigning. Third, Inbox Awesome is converging people from the tech, media and enterprise in a unique way, with 70% c-level in the room, which makes it highly enjoyable for the attendees.

Who are some of the attendees we should know of?

The heads of email from Pinterest, Zillow and Adobe are flying in from the West Coast. The leaders behind the political messaging for the Trump, Hillary and Obama campaigns are coming up from D.C. Productivity gurus from Zappos and Atlassian are joining from Vegas and Austin. And then there is our New York community, a great bunch of leading VCs, media execs, aspiring tech founders and students from several universities.

Why is the location the “Venice of NYC”?

Inbox Awesome happens at a different location every year, thanks to our venue partner Knotel, a flexible headquarters company that knows NYC’s crazy real estate market inside out. They always tipp us off to unique spots that no conference has ever seen. Last year, we were on a rooftop by the Hudson river formerly owned by a hip-hop collective. This time around, we occupy a warehouse and former photo production studio including an illegally built-in apartment in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Probably the most up and coming neighborhood in the entire borough. It’s been dubbed the “venice of NYC” because of its canal, which used to be a dump and is slowly being revived. Around the corner from the venue, you get the best ice cream in NYC.

It’s a hip event, but shares the modern commitment to Calvinist principles with a kick off of 7:30am for breakfast, guided meditation at 8:00am, and then the real deal starts at 8:15am.

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