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Several recent fixes were responses to bugs I reported.

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My Daily Journal in Typora

Typora released a new version yesterday. Here are some of the notes:

1/ Fix crash when open folder.

2/ Other small fix.

1/ Fix bug that some file contains special char cannot be opened.

2/ Fix link in PDF export.

3/ Fix save hangs on source code mode.

4/ Remove spell check for html entity, link or footnote definitions.

5/ Fix bug that <br> cannot be hidden based on status of menu bar and preferences panel.

6/ Fix a few bug about cursors.

7/ Other small fix.

The ‘fix crash when open folder’ was a bug I reported when opening folders with many files. Likewise, the ‘Fix bug that some file contains special char cannot be opened’ was me, too.

I think the underlying issue is that Typora was (and maybe still is) reindexing files when opening folders, and when opening files, and those with some combination of special characters — or a large number of special characters such as ‘[^’ used for footnotes — led to Typora crashing. At least it was crashing on me in those circumstances. I did a test by removing all the footnotes from a folder, and Typora stopped crashing.

They should pay me by the hour.

I have stopped using footnotes for tags in Typora, although it was convenient in some ways (see Building A Zettelkasten in Typora). So instead of using footnotes, I am tagging in a more obvious way:

tags: #platform-capitalism #nick-srnicek #platforms #capitalism #economics

The only hitch is that the hash (‘#’) can’t be the first character of a line, or it is treated as a header symbol.

Maybe I’ll switch back, but it was a pain to transition, since Typora doesn’t support applying an edit to a group of files.

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