Dropbox for Business Badge and Comments

Dropbox has opened access to new Dropbox for Business features originally announced in December, Dropbox badge and new commenting capabilities.

Dropbox badge is an instrumentation of Microsoft Office documents that supports coediting. Specifically, badge reveals information to users while editing:

  • other users viewing or editing the current document
  • access to more recent versions, and one-click update
  • create a shared link to the document.
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Dropbox badge — source: Dropbox

To better support coordination around document content and use — the context — people generally want an in place conversation. This is the driving premise of what I’ve been calling contextual conversation for years (see There’s a quiet revolution pulling some numbers down and Contextual Conversation: Work chat will dominate collaboration).

Dropbox for Business now includes in-document comments inside shared files shown in the sidebar in the screenshot below:

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Dropbox for Business comments — source: Dropbox

The commenting system supports notifications to specific users by mentioning (@emailaddress), a design motif now becoming standard across today’s chat and social collaboration tools.

I’m still waiting for activity streams in Dropbox folders, though.

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