Azendoo adds Task Boards, another indication of convergence in Work Management

Kanban-style task boards are becoming the second most generally used design motif in work management, after lists of tasks.

Azendoo is the newest work management solution now offering task boards as an additional approach to visualizing and manipulating tasks, and by extension, work.

Azendoo Task Board view

This seems like yet another proof of the growing convergence of classical work management solutions, where Azendoo, Asana, Trello, and others are becoming increasingly indistinguishable. I’ve suggested in the recent past that this trend represents a lack of new ideas in the work management space.

I think the innovation, new approaches, and breakthrough opportunities in work technologies is over in what I call ‘work processing’, the integration of active task management in cloud document tools.

My current favorite is SamePage, but to a lesser extent tools like Notion, Dropbox Paper, Quip, and others. However, SamePage includes a fully-implemented task management capability. I plan to write something about how I am using SamePage.

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