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A scene from “Aggretsuko.” Credit Netflix

Margaret Kramer reports on the coming second season of Aggretsuko:

How can a red panda be more lovable? Make her a frustrated young professional who copes with the daily drag of corporate culture by screaming death metal songs into a karaoke microphone. The animated series featuring Retsuko the Red Panda is a creation of the Japanese company Sanrio, the originators of “Hello Kitty.” The show enters an anticipated second season. As Retsuko continues to balance her desire to progress at her job with her frustration at the sexism she faces from her co-workers, her animated features shift between softness and sharpness — a symbolic gesture of the show many female viewers can identify with in their own experiences climbing the corporate ladder.

Kramer leaves out some tidbits, like Aggretsuko’s outlet from crushing work culture: screaming karaoke death metal.

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