Adobe announces Document Cloud

Adobe has announced another cloud service, like Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud, but this is based on Acrobat. This new Document Cloud service and the new Acrobat DC will be available next month. Subscriptions are $14.99 per month. Adobe will continue to sell Acrobat as a desktop app without subscription.

The service is intended to help with the workflow related to documents, and provides a file sync-and-share capability so that files are synced across desktop, cloud, and mobile devices.

There will be connectors to Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics, Salesforce, and others.

The former Adobe EchoSign is being repositioned as Adobe eSign, and integrated into Acrobat DC. The eSign capability can be used independently for $1.99 per month, which seems to be squarely focused on competing with DocuSign.

source: Adobe

What I don’t understand is announcing this before it’s actually available.

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