Be careful what you wish for.

Only two months ago, I started this Work Futures site as an experiment, principally to try out Medium as a place to aggregate the writing I’ve been doing on work futures and work technologies. Relatively quickly I began to see real interest from the community of folks interested in those topics. I began to wish that I might be able to dedicate more time to the project. And then Monday I heard the news that Gigaom had ceased operations, and likewise, Gigaom Research.

So what started as a fledgling publication is now the front page for a new analyst firm—Work Futures — and where I am now research director.

I intend to develop an advisory-centered practice, focused on vendors of work technologies and companies grappling with the need for new ways of work in a rapidly changing environment and economy. In discussions with many contacts and clients, it seems that there is a need for deep insight and thoughtful discourse on those topics.

In time, I may grow the business and bring on partners, but for the immediate near term, Work Futures will be unalloyed Stowe Boyd. I will be inviting other thinkers and doers to contribute here, but that will be collegial and occasional. However, I add the proviso that nothing is set in stone.

It’s also heartening that so many have reached out to offer support, and to solicit my involvement in projects. To all those who have, you have my warmest regards. Thank you.

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Work ecologist. Founder, Work Futures. The ecology of work and the anthropology of the future.

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