A New Tangent for Work Futures

I am trying to game the Medium system. Don’t judge me.

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Medium has released the beta of a new user profile, and I have adopted it (see The New Medium Profile).

This led me to contemplate Medium as a means to publish and to make money from it.

I’ve come to a new understanding, which is that rather than publishing my long-format writing about the future of work at Work Futures, I will submit it to other publications that have wide readership. I personally have 20K followers, but Work Futures has only 518 and the newsletter only 300.

It’s not a given that everything I write will be accepted at other publications, but have written for others in the past, like BackChannel and The Start Up.

The newsletter is held back by the fact I can’t import the 2000 or so subscribers I have at Substack. That is a feature that Ev Williams says is coming. So I plan to continue to publish the Work Futures Update newsletter on a regular basis, with links to my long-form work, wherever it appears, as well as a curation of news and thinking from others. But don’t be surprised to see my writing in other publications.

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